Mom-Life Lessons

Mom-Life Lesson #1: Tell your birth story

After my first child I loved telling the story of her birth. I didn’t get the chance to tell it very often because I was a teenager when I had her so not many people wanted to hear it. But when I came across someone who opened the conversation with me, I took it! I loved swapping stories, comparing experiences in a fun way, chatting about pregnancy, and learning how it all affected someone else.

After my second child I felt like I had “been there, done that” so I didn’t engage in my previously loved conversations very often. It wasn’t as important to me anymore and I actually grew a bit bored of the topic. I gave very little detail when asked and swapped the conversation as soon as I could. Until my third child.

When my third child finally came, I NEEDED to talk to other moms! My third pregnancy was horrible eighty percent of the time: pain, embarrassing moments, feeling lonely, “mom-brain” that felt more like memory loss, major sleep deprivation and so much more. When he finally decided it was time for him to leave the womb I felt the need to compare again, learn about others’ third births. I needed to know that I wasn’t alone.

This is when I realized I had been depriving myself of something amazing for the last six years. The swapping of birth stories between mothers makes you feel good. It reminds you that while your birth story may be different from someone else’s, you’re not alone in it all. Chances are there will be quite a few similarities and maybe even some good laughs.

The bottom line? Don’t think that you’ve heard them all after your first birth and don’t deny the story just because it comes from someone much younger than you. Every story is different and every story will give you that same good feeling because you are talking to another mom – another adult – who gets it.

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