Mom Tips

Mom Tip #1: Wear the Mesh Panties



When I had my first child I thought those mesh panties were hideous. I wore them, but I ditched them as soon as I could. The second time around I didn’t even wear them. Instead I ended up ruining a few pairs of brand new underwear. The third time around? I took full advantage of those ugly things! I wore them the entire time that I was at the hospital and even took some home for the first few days.
After having a baby (especially the third time around) it can be really hard to bend over sometimes. Your body just went through a huge trauma and needs time to heal. Wearing regular underwear can cause unnecessary strain on those tummy muscles that just worked way overtime during those contractions. In my experience after birthing a baby, regular underwear really isn’t that comfortable, it’s harder to pull down and back up when using the bathroom and it doesn’t hold those extra-long, extra-absorbent pads that you need.
My point is, wear the mesh panties. Take advantage of them. The hospital supplies them and underwear is expensive! Why waste your money? Grab a pair of those panties momma, and grab a few extras for home. They aren’t pretty but they work a lot better!

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