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Mom-Life Lesson #2: Makeup isn’t a Priority, it’s a Tool

youngmomlifelessons blog mom tip #2
Makeup isn’t a priority, it’s a tool

Looking beautiful has so many meanings. It has shaped the way women think since the beginning of time. Many women don’t feel that they are beautiful and it’s always for a silly reason. There’s women who think being bigger is ugly, being short isn’t ideal, freckles are gross, scars are hideous, and so on. This is all trash. Everyone is beautiful because everyone is unique.

There are also women who feel they HAVE to wear makeup in order to be beautiful. Again, trash. BUT I will admit that I am sometimes one of these women. Something I have learned though, is that makeup is not a priority, it’s a tool. At least it is for me. Makeup can do wonderful things in many different ways.

Eighty’s day at school? Makeup. Work interview? Makeup. Halloween? Makeup. Professional photo shoot? Makeup. There are others things that go along with makeup such as having your hair done, different ways of dressing, etc. My point is, makeup can be a wonderful tool.

If you have an interview and want to look polished, you can do your makeup in a way that brings out your professional look more. If you are doing a professional photo shoot, you can have your makeup done to bring out all of your best features such as high cheek bones or green eyes. If you’re going out with the girls, you can do your makeup to make you feel good and want to have fun (a smoky eye does wonders). Then there are the fun things like Halloween and spirit days at school or work. Using makeup, you can make yourself look completely different!

Making yourself look completely different can also be a bad thing. I feel that we were all made the way we are for a reason. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. Being a young mom I feel that I have to have my makeup done just to go grocery shopping. I feel that I have to look my best at all times because I’m constantly stared at as I walk the store aisles with my three kids. When I don’t have my makeup done I don’t feel pretty. I don’t feel like myself without makeup and this is something I am working on. However the hard truth is women judge each other like crazy. It needs to stop but I highly doubt it’s going to.

I also feel that makeup can be used to get what you want. For example if a woman walks into a job interview with even the smallest amount of makeup on – bringing out some of her natural features such as bright eyes – she’s more likely to get hired than if she walked in without any makeup. In my experience this isn’t because the employer wants their employees to look perfect. They want their employees to look professional. Makeup can do that (even just a little mascara and lip gloss!).

So to all women everywhere: you are not ugly in any way. You are beautiful no matter what flaws you feel that you have. Don’t cake on the makeup to make yourself look completely different. Use makeup as a tool to highlight your natural features. Bring out those freckles instead of hiding them!

**If you don’t know how to use makeup to bring out your natural features, pamper yourself by hitting up Shoppers Drugmart Beauty Counter! A lot of them have professional cosmetologists who will do makeup applications, talk you through everything they are doing, and give you ideas of what colours look best on you – all for a VERY affordable price! I took my daughter to the Shoppers Drugmart here as part of her Christmas present and it was $10.

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