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My Review: Discovery Toys Measure Up! Collection


youngmomlifelessons Review: DT Measure Up! Collection

I fell in love with Discovery Toys as soon as I stumbled upon them on Google. I signed up as a consultant right away and have loved every single minute of it! The company themselves are amazing with lots of training and support. They have a great group of personnel at their head office and their Customer Service team is super quick to help in any way they can.

But for the sake of this post I want to talk specifically about the Measure Up! Collection. This collection of measurement toys has become a staple of my every day! My children are ten, seven, and one – and they ALL play with these in some way! But let’s dig deeper: why do I love this collection so much? Here it is….

First of all, the colours are so bright and eye-catching! These colours are the first basic colours that children normally learn so the fact these toys were made in red, yellow, blue, green and orange is amazing! They are all made from hard plastic and BPA free which not only makes them safe for little ones to play with, but they are EASY to clean! I use a Norwex Envircloth to wipe our set clean but any cloth with a bit of water and/or soap would work.

The entire set is volumetrically correct so you can fill the number one cup five times and it will fill the number five cup perfectly. You can also use the number ten spoon to fill the number one cup and the number ten cup will fill the number one pot! The set also nests for easier storing.

The cups all have ridged tops and the pots all have ridged bottoms, making them easier to stack together. The cups and pots each have a different picture on the bottom that can be used for stamping – think play dough or cookies! The cups have sequentially sized animals on their bottoms (number two has a mouse and number twelve has a whale). The pots have foods that match quantity onto their bottoms (number three has three slices of bread and number five has five vegetables). So not only can you use these to stamp dough and cookies, but your little one can learn about the size of animals and the five food groups!

This collection has SO many benefits for the little ones! Toddlers will enjoy stacking and toppling, filling and dumping, sorting by colour and learning about smallest to biggest. Preschoolers will continue learning with numbers and counting, sequencing and patterns, experimenting with different languages, different animal sizes, and stamping! School-aged children will go even further with this collection by learning addition and subtraction, volume and weight, pouring and measuring, comparing and predicting and telling time. This set REALLY DOES grow with your child! Recommended for two years and up, this collection can be used for years upon years!

More about each set:

Cups: twelve cups included, raised numbers molded on the bottom of the inside, numbers printed in three languages (English, French, Spanish), shows the placing of each number on a clock face.

Pots: five pots included, raised shapes on the handles matching the number of pot, raised numbers on the bottom inside, represents five food groups, different pattern on the ridged top of each cup.

Spoons: five two-sided spoons included, numbers molded on handles, raised ladybug molded on inside of each spoon, number of ladybug spots matches each number of spoon, center of gravity indentation under the handle of each spoon

You can purchase the cups separately from the pots and spoons but the pots and spoons are sold together. In the collection you receive twelve cups, five pots, five spoons, and ideas for over twenty activities. You can also purchase the Measure Up! Shovel with is 55.9cm long – the perfect size to throw in the trunk for snowy days or take along to the beach for digging trenches around the sand castle!

Have you heard enough and want the collection for yourself yet? This link will take you straight to it on my website!,1288.aspx

I hope you grab this collection and it becomes a staple in your daily life too! It has opened up so many learning opportunities in our home!

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