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Mom-Life Lesson #3: Support Home & Local Businesses


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Being involved in direct sales myself, I’m a big supporter of home businesses, small businesses and local businesses. Something I have learned on my direct sales journey is that it’s not easy. Majority of the time not even your friends or family will buy from you. It’s not because they don’t want to support you, it’s because it’s expensive.
Direct sales businesses have had a bad rap. For years people have been skeptical and biased about them. A lot of people look at them as a pyramid scheme or a scam. But the truth is, those consultants are just trying to make some extra money to provide for their families or have some fun money.
Small businesses, local mom and pop shops and home businesses are more expensive than going to a big box store. It’s true that you can save a lot of money by heading to Walmart or Dollarama instead. You could pay up to half the price! But the people who run them are just trying to make a living and bring something unique to their community.
The difference between big box stores and these small businesses are the people. Your friend that sells makeup actually knows about her products. She has watched training videos, sat in on online meetings and participated in challenges – all of which has given her the knowledge of what she is selling. The young couple who just opened their own store downtown will chat with you for hours trying to make sure you find the perfect gift. The man down the street who does welding projects will make you an amazing personalized fire ring where you’ll make many future memories.
The people who run these small businesses are doing it because they have passion for what they sell, do and make. They want to talk to you about what they do. They want to make sure you are given the best customer service they can give. They know about their products and projects. They want to serve you. They turned a passion of theirs into an income – whether it’s small or large – because they love to do what they do and they want to share it with you.
You can go to the department stores and get things cheaper. But you won’t get the customer service that you deserve. You won’t get products that were made and sold with love. You may not even get to talk to someone who actually knows anything about what they are selling. When you shop local, you support local. You’re helping to put a child into sports, food on the table, a mom have a night off, or simply just making ends meet. The people who own these businesses greatly appreciate every single purchase or order, no matter how small it is.
I am a huge supporter of small businesses. Yes I still go to Dollarama and Walmart, but only when I have to. If I can order what I want from a friend or family member I will, and I do so happily. I love supporting my friends, family and community. I strongly believe that everyone needs a village – not just to raise kids, but also just to get through life! We all need people supporting us and when you’re starting or running a small business, support is the biggest thing you want and need!
In our home we use Scentsy to give our home a fun scent, we clean with Norwex, we store/prepare food with Tupperware, we cook with Epicure, we wear Legging Army, we apply Younique, we use Avon, we carry 31, we read Usborne, we drink TeaLife and we play with Discovery Toys. We also decorate and purchase gifts from our friends who do vinyl projects like coffee mugs and welcome mats, wood burning projects like signs, sports memorabilia from a local store and crotchet projects such as blankets and slippers. Our kids are in sports so we try to shop at the local sports store instead of going to the big box stores and we get them custom made spirit wear for school from a friend. When I have a little extra money I hit the local kid’s store downtown to grab a new sippy cup, divided plate or silicone straw. Each month I budget to spend a certain amount supporting local businesses, our friends and our family members who have a home business. I don’t always spend a lot and I rarely purchase from everyone each month, but I make a point to show my support. During the months that I just can’t afford to spend extra money I share their Facebook posts and business pages, like their Instagram posts, watch their YouTube videos, and participate in online games. When someone talks about needing something I refer them to whoever I know that could help them. I don’t do this for my own gratification. I do all of it because I believe in supporting each other.
So yes, you could save money by going somewhere else. But you won’t get the service, feedback or love that you will from a small business owner. Direct sales companies are not scams and the people selling those products are only trying to get ahead in some way. Local shops and home businesses may be expensive but you’re going to get an amazing product picked with love. So support your friends, family and community. They need you. They’ll support you back with unconditional love.
Tell me about the products, projects and crafts you love!

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