Unspoken Rules of Motherhood

Unspoken Rules of Motherhood: For the Dads

This list is for the dads! These are things I have learned, noticed or have been told. Some are serious, some are just for fun – you be the judge! Check back regularly to see what I’ve added.

youngmomlifelessonsblog For The Dads

#1: Thy shall NEVER buy appliances as birthday gifts for mom: Maybe she likes cleaning, maybe she likes cooking, maybe she likes everything to do with being a housewife. But chances are she does not want an appliance for her birthday and if you get her one you will forever ruin that activity for her. You will NEVER live it down. Birthday presents are supposed to be from the heart and something that is not needed but wanted. Grab her a bottle of wine and some flowers.

#2: Thy shall pick up after Thyself: Put your laundry in the hamper, put your dishes by the sink, wipe your damn crumbs off the counter after you eat a midnight snack, and PLEASE learn how to get an outfit out without destroying the rest of your closet.

#3: Thy shall be a parent, not a babysitter: Does this really need anymore explanation? Just keep the kids at home with you while she goes grocery shopping.

#4: Thy shall communicate: Every relationship needs communication. You BOTH need to talk to each other about everything.

#5: Thy shall be a team member: It takes two to tango, she can’t do all the work in the relationship and household. You need to be present in every aspect too.

#6: Thy shall be an adult: You are both in this together. You are both responsible for the bills. You are both responsible for the kids. You are both responsible for the family vehicle. You both need to COMMUNICATE and figure out who is going to do what but agree that you are BOTH doing it together. (Example: you work and she doesn’t? You provide the money for the bills, she spends the time doing the bill payments and banking. Yes, it’s that simple.)

#7: Thou shall buy her flowers: Or something else small and inexpensive once in a while. Small gestures like this show her that you care and that you were thinking about her on your way home from work. Believe me, she will appreciate it and brag to all of her friends about it.

#8: Thou shall do the dishes: You don’t have to do them EVERY single night after work. Just once in a while would be nice! Yes, you’ve been working all day, but hasn’t she as well? Whether it’s outside the home or inside the home with kids, she’s still working too. Cut her a break!

#9: Thou shall cook (or pick up) supper: Reason for #8 also applies here!

#10: Thou shall tag along for groceries once in a while: No not every week, maybe not even every month! Just once in a while so that she feels that you know how to do a proper grocery shop for the family so if the worst case scenario were to happen then the children would still be eating decently healthy!

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