Unspoken Rules of Motherhood

Unspoken Rules of Motherhood: The Self-Care

The on-going list of Unspoken Rules of Motherhood pertaining to the Self-Care. These are things I have learned, noticed or have been told. Some are serious, some are just for fun – you be the judge! Check back regularly to see what I’ve added.

youngmomlifelessonsblog The Self Care

#1: Thou shall understand Thy does not need it all: you don’t need the big fancy house, the roofless car, the best makeup, or the expensive name brand clothes. You need a roof over your head, food on the table and clothes on your back – it doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, a used car or an outfit from the thrift store. You just have to love what you have.

#2: Thou shall know mom anxiety is very real: it’s nothing to be ashamed about but it also does not need unwanted attention. Most moms go through it at some point whether it’s at the school pick up or waiting in the drive thru. Most moms have some point or place in their life that they feel completely uncomfortable and like everyone is staring – it’s normal.

#3: Thou shall indulge in all the wine and coffee Thy wants: don’t let others judge. If you love that glass of wine at the end of the day then have it. If coffee is what makes your eyes open in the morning then drink it. Susan doesn’t have any say in what you do or drink.

#4: Thou shall keep up the hobbies: Do it for YOU! You need SOMETHING for yourself!! Craft away, read for hours, go hiking, just do something for yourself!

#5: Thou shall start a home business: Again, it’s something for YOU that will potentially give you extra income for those fun nights out, family holidays or even just getting your nails done. Even better if you can tie your hobby into it!

#6: Thou shall Netflix binge if Thy needs to: Netflix-bingeing can be an amazing time. It may sound silly but spending an entire day doing nothing but watching a whole season of your favourite show can do wonders for your heart, mind, body AND soul!

#7: Thou shall indulge in chocolate once in a while: Craving a Kit-Kat, Reeses or Oh Henry? Go for it sister, even if you’re not having that dreaded time of the month!

#8: Thou shall not apologize: Do what you need to keep yourself happy and sane. An irritated, grumpy, exhausted mother is no good for the entire family. Do NOT apologize for taking time for yourself!

#9: Thou shall not feel guilty: Again, do what you need to do. But leave the guilt behind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with soaking in the tub for an hour (or two), getting your nails done on a weekly basis, taking a mini vacay just to get away from reality for a couple days, or even just buying yourself that nice top. Don’t feel guilty about doing things for yourself – even just once in a while!

#10: Thou shall buy the things: Moms everywhere seem to have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on things for their kids – whether they need those things or not. But $20 for a pair of yoga pants? $15 for a nice top? $40 to get the nails done? That seems too expensive! But WHY?! We will pay hundreds of dollars to get Junior new things for back to school but we can’t seem to spend a few bucks on ourselves – that needs to END!

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