Dear Employers, Hire the Mom

**This post is in no way meant to shame working mothers. It is meant to give the moms - who have been at home with the kids for far too long - a voice. Too many times the stay at home mom is overlooked and passed over. If you are a working mom and feel… Continue reading Dear Employers, Hire the Mom

Mom-Life Lessons

Mom-Life Lesson #6: Never Give Up

    When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was sixteen years old. Living in a small town with a lot of narrow minded people made it very difficult to finish my grade ten year. I tried, I tried very hard. I kept attending school – showing up to more… Continue reading Mom-Life Lesson #6: Never Give Up

Unspoken Rules of Motherhood

Unspoken Rules of Motherhood: For the Dads

This list is for the dads! These are things I have learned, noticed or have been told. Some are serious, some are just for fun - you be the judge! Check back regularly to see what I've added. #1: Thy shall NEVER buy appliances as birthday gifts for mom: Maybe she likes cleaning, maybe she… Continue reading Unspoken Rules of Motherhood: For the Dads

Mom Tips

Mom Tip #2:Volunteer at Your Kid’s School

Last night I was recognized for all of the time I have spent volunteering for my kids' school. I was nominated by the principal and ended up being picked as the recipient for our family of schools. I knew this was a pretty big deal, but I had no idea just how big of a… Continue reading Mom Tip #2:Volunteer at Your Kid’s School

Mom-Life Lessons

Mom-Life Lesson #4: Must Set Goals

I had my children young. I successfully finished my tenth grade year (minus one credit), had a month of summer break and celebrated my seventeenth birthday before labor started. On June thirtieth I woke up feeling funny. I had cramps and felt very uncomfortable but didn’t think anything of it because during the last half… Continue reading Mom-Life Lesson #4: Must Set Goals